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Spring Term 2 Homework Choices

How it works.

Step 1: Each week choose an activity from the list below (you can choose to do more than one if you wish). You must choose one activity from each subject grouping (e.g. Numeracy/ICT) over the course of the term.

Step 2: Keep all written work together with any pictures or other evidence of your homework in a safe place and bring the completed week’s work into school by Friday each week.

In addition to the above we will still expect you to practise, on average 10 minutes each day, on your basic numeracy skills and reading skills.

If you have any questions or need resources just ask. If your child wishes to complete work that is not on the list but is relevant to the topics covered in class then please go ahead!

Numeracy / ICT

1. Learn your x3 tables
2.Learn your x2, x5 and x10 tables
3.Create an animate it clip
4. Make up a maths board game
5. Go on Mathletics


1. Take your teddy and write a poem about him/her
2. Write a list of ingredients for a potion
3. Write out a list of toys and describe each one
4. Write a short story
5. Make a fact-file on your favourite toy
6. Make a wordsearch using toy names

Science / History / Geography

1. Grow a plant, maybe some beans
2. Make a homemade bubble mixture
3. Make a potion and write the ingredients out in a list
4. Make a volcano
5. Try out an exciting science experiment
6. Draw a picture of your family

PE/ PSHE / Art / R.E. / D.T.

1. Make up a safe and easy gym routine
2. Run, skip or walk a mile
3. Make a teddy from scrap material
4. Make a Lego creation
5. Play Hopscotch with your Mum or Dad
6. Learn a new football skill