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Homework Autumn 2016 – Term 1 and 2

Homework Choices

Maths/ ICT

1.     Make something on SCRATCH.

2.     Make a maths game.

3.     Learn about time.

4.     Design a word problem using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

5.     Make a shape picture.

6.     Make something on Excel.

7.     Practise your times tables.

8.     Design a flag on the computer.


1.     Write a nonsense poem.

2.     Make your own diary.

3.     Create a character description.

4.     Write a myth.

5.     Create a word search.

6.     Invent a new word to go in the dictionary.

7.      Find the meaning of some amazing wow words to share with the class.

8.     Make up a game to use in English. To do with VCOP.

9.     Type up a story.

10.   Create own Kung FU punctuation game / activity.

11.   Make up a top trumps game.

12.   Make a newspaper article.

13.   Write a review about your favourite book.

14.   Write your own song and perform it to the class.

15.   Make a play to show to the class.

16.   A day in the life of.....

17.   Write about what you did in the Summer holiday (Recount). Use pictures!

History / Geography / Science

1.     Make your own chocolate / biscuits / cookies / cake.

2.     Make your own Anglo-Saxon Village.

3.     Create an Anglo-Saxon painting.

4.     Make a volcano.

5.     Make crystallised sugar sticks.

6.     Research the Anglo-Saxons.

7.     Make up your own flag.

8.     Make an Anglo-Saxon fact book.

9.     Design your own timeline of the Anglo-Saxons.

P.E / PSHE / Art / R.E./ Welsh / D.T.

1.     Paint a picture of a rainforest.

2.     Learn 6 words in Welsh and share with the class.

3.     Design a drill for cricket.

4.     Design a game for other people in the class to play. Make sure it has suitable rules.

5.     Write a book about your own religion.

6.     Create a caring poster for the school.

7.     Make your own paper.

8.     Make an electric car.

9.     Make a wooden toy.

10.   Design your very own football kit.

11.   Create a shape picture.

12.   Make some hot cross buns.  

13.   Make some origami.

14.   Design and make some Anglo-Saxon Armour/Jewellery.

15.   Design your own Growth Mindset Poster.

16.   Make a vending machine that actually works.

17.   Design your own Anglo-Saxon Warrior.