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Visit to India 17th-21st February 2014

Mrs Davis and Mrs Harding visited The School of Scholars in Akola, Maharashtra in India in February. This was funded by the British Council as part of the ‘Connecting Classrooms’ programme.  The teachers at both schools met to discuss work to be done on the theme ‘Exchange and Learn Across the World’.   Classes in both schools will take turns to produce work over the period of a month which they then exchange. Themes will include; festivals (Easter in the UK and Holi in India), family life, games, holidays, naming ceremonies and farming (cotton in India and wool in the UK).

Both schools also plan to link with each other by using Skype. Birdlip will be doing a whole-school topic on India after Easter which will also be when the teachers from India visit us.

Mrs Davis and Mrs Harding were given a huge welcome everywhere they went and felt they had visited the real India tasting numerous dishes from the region, visiting Hindu temples, Hindu weddings and a cotton farm which belonged to a parent at the school. They had to teach on a number of occasions as well as make speeches to a school of 3,000 children. They met with the PTA and the School Council and had 3 press conferences resulting in 2 appearances in local papers!  It was a very busy week but both teachers felt they had gained an invaluable insight into life in India. This will help to make the topic more meaningful as well as encourage children at Birdlip and in India to understand the similarities and differences between them.