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Birdlip School Association

We would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you and your children to Birdlip Primary School and to let you know that there is a very special link between parents/guardians and the school known as the BSA or Birdlip School Association.

All parents automatically become members of the BSA when their children join the school. One or more of these parents then volunteer to become ‘Year representatives’ who, along with representatives from the teaching staff, governors and the village, make up the committee. The committee meet up to organise and brainstorm new ideas for fundraising events which are held throughout the course of each school year (although all parents are encouraged to come along to meetings and any parent may join the committee).

The 2016/2017 committee is:

Chair – Samantha Taylor

Treasurer – Rob Barnes

Secretary – Mira Randall

Reception – Jean Wilson-Copp + Kate Pullin

Year 1 – Lynsey Willats

Year 2 – Melissa Wright

Year 3 – Martina Bernhuber

Year 4 – Ali Burt

Year 5 – Clare Wilkinson

Year 6 – TBC

Teacher – Mr. Griffiths

Governor – Claire Tutty

Village – Jean Tippet

Small and large events help to pay for events and activities which would otherwise not be possible. The BSA fund all school WOW! visits and activities, these are exciting events which take place three times annually for each class and are linked to their topic (for example the BSA paid the entrance fee for the Class 3 trip to Cadbury’s World, which was the WOW! for their topic, ‘Chocolate’, another example is where we paid for a class to visit the Ashmolean museum and a whole school trip to @Bristol). The BSA have also paid for: play equipment, books, sports equipment and a fully fitted kitchen in which the children cook – both as part of the curriculum and cooking club. More recently we have also partly funded the new all-weather sports field at the back of the school and are now trying to raise funds to help towards the new ‘outdoor classroom’.

Our two main events of the year are a bonfire night and a Spring Fair. Plenty of fun is had by all at these and they are well attended both by school parents, family & friends as well as members of the local community.

November - Bonfire Night

December – Christmas disco

February –  disco for children or family event in the village hall

May – Spring Fair

July - School Leavers Disco for the children

In between we also hold lots of fun small fundraising ideas at the end of a school day such as selling ice creams in summer and non-school uniform days to top up funds and give the children something fun to take part in! 

Additional methods of raising funds for the school are the clothes collection bin in the car park, emptied monthly by Bristol Textile Recycling and an account which is a single click to raise funds before you enter shopping websites. 

We always welcome new committee members - to join or express an interest in supporting the BSA please see Mrs Dingle in the School Office.

Birdlip, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL4 8JH