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Why do we do it?

Of course it is the Head Teacher that runs the school day to day but it is the governing body that is held to account if the school does not meet its statutory requirements or provide the best outcomes for its pupils.  The governing body also has a very major part to play when a school is inspected by OFSTED  and in planning for the continued and future success of the school. 

So a school governor holds a very important job.  There have been governors of schools for hundreds of years, and the role has become increasingly crucial in helping schools to raise and maintain standards. 

Our governing body has a range of skills, talents and experience, and we work as a team, united by our commitment to do our best for the school.  We make decisions as a team and share responsibility for these decisions.  As we are all volunteers, we share out the roles to avoid overburdening any one individual.   We know that the job may seem daunting at first; paperwork to read and understand and lots of new acronyms but there are people at our disposal who help us to fulfil our obligations confidently and competently.  The primary support and guidance will come from the longer serving and  more experienced governors, in addition to other resources such as courses, liaison staff at Shire Hall, web sites, and magazines.  If you want to know something, there is always someone to help and advise.

A useful starting point is The Essential Guide for School Governors in Gloucestershire which has been produced by the Gloucestershire Governors' Association and can be downloaded from their website:

We are a committed team and we enjoy our involvement whilst playing an important part in the story of our wonderful school.

Kind regards,

Marcus Griffiths, Chair of Governors