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The School Day




10:30am - 10:45am


10:45am - 11:00am


12:15pm - 1:15pm

School ends



Please park on Roman Way (avoiding the yellow zig zags) and then walk up the track alongside the school to the entrance adjacent to the playground shelter. The gate will be unlocked by a member of staff at 8:30am to allow parents and pupils into the main playground area. Then at 8:40am the small side gate between the playground and the classroom block will be opened as will the doors to the classrooms. Pupils are then free to come into class where a member of staff will be waiting to receive them; parents are also free to leave at this point.

The doors to the classrooms and the school gates will remain open until 8:50am at which point they will be locked. If you arrive after this time please go to the school office where a member of staff will register your child and then take them up to the classrooms.

Please remember that although a member of staff will be on the playground to help supervise from 8:30am that pupils remain the responsibility of parents until the classroom doors are opened at 8:40am. Pupils arriving by school bus or attending Breakfast club will be handed over directly to a member of staff.

For the end of school pick up the school gates will be opened at just after 3pm to allow parents to come and wait on the playground area with the shelter. Then at 3:15pm the small gate between the playground and the classroom block will be opened and pupils will be released from the classroom doors to parents.

Robins class will use the door closest to the playground, Ospreys Class the middle door, Golden Eagles Class the door closest to the village hall end and Kingfishers Class will be released from small wooden gate in their outdoor play area.

Pupils attending the Atlas After School Club or going on the school bus will be handed over by a member of staff.

Children will be supervised until 3.25pm in the afternoon.  We do understand that sometimes delays happen.  If you are running late please telephone the school to let us know.